Inspiration and creativity tend to show up when I'm rejuvinated - to get refreshed I turn to solitary moments with music, nature, the city, long drives . . . here's some footage of moments I liked - odds are it was all caught impromptu with my iPhone - sometimes I keep track of the bits (bytes) that drive me creative - this is by no means "the" catalog . . . maybe you can swing an invitation to see it all, or just wait for the episode of "digital hoarders "
awesome campus Every corner and view of the campus I call home gives me a renewed sense of awe and inspiration! #luckyAtWork!
backyard amazing I have some friends whose style always inspires. Here: a creative backyard party
reindeer food Sometimes I get crafty, usually for gifts - here: reindeer food for kids on Christmas
happy vanity plates Some vanity plates are easier to understand than others . . . I love leet speak plates, but these were also great!
brooklyn DUMBO Brooklyn 2011 - a beautiful place to dance in the streets
UWS Manhattan 2011 - fireworks over the Hudson River (a little music to drown out the crowd conversations)
spiritual in Maine Bar Harbor ME, Native American Museum - meditative spot
Huntington NY 2011 - at the wrap of a client event a volunteer sat down and played for an audience of two shocked new fans
hot showers Acadia Park ME, road side sign for hot showers
North Fork LI 2011 - a lovely flutter-by barely noticed me while nectaring